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Case Study One

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Case Study One is of a client who utilizes all of our Contract CFO/outsourced accounting services and our Global Tax Plan™ service. 

  • Revenue grew from $1,129,405 to $2,717,599 in four years. B I G  
  • Average revenue growth of 35%. B I G 
  • Annual operating expenses saved $69,763. B 
  • Annual tax savings realized $21,288. B I G 
  • Total annual savings currently realized $91,051. G 
  • Total to be realized annually once Global Tax Plan is fully implemented $180,484. B I G 
  • Value of business increased by $3,176,388. B G 
  • Could defer $766,836 in tax for 30 years if sold today. G 
  • Completely revamped life insurance policies combining 7 policies into 1 saving $29,000 in premium and faster accumulation of cash value. I G



B = Business Wealth Plan ● I = Individual Wealth Plan ● G = Global Tax Plan